Why I am the Way I am

7 Stories of people you probably already hate.


To discover the humanity in society’s most vilified people in an attempt to lean away from judgement and into compassion 


How can we live in a country so immersed in hate?


Why do we hate people we've never met?



Is it possible to find the humanity in those we have villified?


Why I am the Way I am is a 1-woman play written and performed by Erin Elizabeth Burns in response to the hate, judgement, and misunderstanding of society's most villified people. 
Let's get to know our neighbors, shall we?

*A portion of all sales will go to Life After Hate, an organization dedicated to helping members transition out of violent hate groups in the U.S. 



Good Acting Studio Theater

October, 2021




Los Angeles

The New Collective Theater

November, 2021 

MPact Pictures



Los Angeles

Hollywood Fringe Festival

June 23-26th, 2022

MPact Pictures



Los Angeles

Hollywood Fringe Festival Encore

July 9th, 2022

MPact Pictures



See what Life After Hate is saying about the show

Phenomenal, intense, thought-provoking, funny, vulnerable.. Erin held the audience in the palm of her hand. You could literally have heard a pin drop during some moments - that's how hard we were listening.
-Mary Boughey
Erin was vulnerable. She was honest. She was empathetic. She was raw. She was thoughtful. She was challenging. She was brave.
-Dustin Lewis
What an amazing one-human show sparking deep conversation about introspection, compassion, empathy and understanding.
-Cynthia San Luis

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Erin Elizabeth Burns is your every day actin' lovin' dog mom who is trying to find her way in life.. just like you. With more time to think in 2020 then ever before, she came to the realization that unless she updates her passport, she's stuck here and better well find a way to understand her neighbors and what makes them who they are.

Erin studied at the Maggie Flanigan Meisner Studio in NYC, the Upright Citizens Brigade Improv, & the Michael Chekov Studio. She currently runs the online acting studio E.E.B. Studios and teaches as much as she can.

If you wanna catch Erin on screen, you'll find her opposite John Cusack & Samuel L. Jackson in Stephen King’s Cell, Funny or Die’s Officer Wanker: Worst Responder, IFC’s Stan Against Evil, along with Netflix's Ozark, AMC's Lodge 49 & the coal mine disaster film, Mine 9



Michael Mario Good holds a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Theatre, a GPSC certification in Drama and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. 

He has worked as an Actor, Producer, and Director for over twenty years. As an educator, he has worked in various school systems as a drama teacher for all grade levels. He is an Acting Coach for Theatre, Film & Television, and has a passion for helping actors achieve their dreams. 

As Owner and Founder of Good Acting Studio, his vision is to train all actors from novice to professional to become a total actor. 

He holds true to the belief that “Character is not made in crisis, but is only exhibited.”