Voice Over

Kris' VO class is some of the most fun I've had in acting class. Ever. She's hilarious, she knows her stuff and she knows how to teach it. Kris absolutely leveled up my game to put me on track to have success in the VO world. Drop whatever you're doing and run to sign up to take her class. You won't regret it. 

-Evan Carver



I am thrilled to have discovered the Meisner technique in your classes.
They are challenging, rewarding, intelligent and respectful. Much appreciated. Looking forward to next time. 
-Dace Obrascous


Reaching out with a HUGE thanks! I booked a regional commercial for a supermarket chain. I truly credit you and the commercial class! I jumped on the zoom callback in service~ relaxed and ready to have fun. And yes....I tagged at the end!
-Bonnie Ryerson


I just want to say thank you so much for creating such a fun and safe space to work in. I took Improv 1 at a New York Theater years ago and it was terrifying and awful - I felt humiliated and embarrassed every single class. And to be honest, I didn't learn much.  But in taking your class I feel completely different. You really help everyone to shine and I feel like I've learned so much. And I actually want to do more! I've been running from improv for years, so thank you for helping me see how much fun it can be.

-Kelly Pruner


Re-Tape Audition

Erin, wanted to thank you for all I learned in your classes! I'm pinned for a Feature off of my self-tape. Gracias!!!
Will let you know when I book it :)
-Roslyn Cohn

Yoga for Actors

Jonni's teaching in Yoga for Actors has helped me take a step back and truly ground myself on what it means to be human. I enjoyed hearing Jonni's explanations for each chakra, and the way it affects our vessels in and out of auditions. She challenged the mind by asking questions that were thought provoking and heart warming. This class held wonderful knowledge for my #Actorlife tool belt! Thank you Jonni!

-Rachel Novak


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