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Parent & Industry Pro Interviews

Don't take it from us.  Learn from the Parents who are already doing this.  We'll also talk with Casting Directors, PR Agencies, Photographers & Agents to get their expert opinons.

Lots More Awesomeness

We'll make sure you leave the Course with extra tools, PDFs, & links to experts & Communities you can join so you can get your kiddos career movin' stat!


How much should I pay for Headshots?

How often do we get new Headshots?

How do I find a great Acting Coach?

What Classes should they take?

How do I find an Agent?

Do they need a Manager?

How do we prepare for an Agent Meeting?

What is Improv & can you do it in Auditions?

Do we have to move to LA?

What are Casting Directors looking for?

How do they still go to School?

How do I avoid Scams?

Does my kid need Social Media?

And Much, Much, More!

"I get asked every single week, multiple times, how to get started & no matter how thorough I am, I always feel like I come up short & have not given my friends enough information about how to get started. This course covers it all! If you see something in your kid that you think maybe is something a little special & they could do this industry, this is the course for you. Even if you’ve been in this for 2 years like I have...There are so many cool things that I’ve learned, that I would have never otherwise known. For instance...what Casting Directors think, what they’re looking for, what they expect from your kids...that kind of stuff is not easy to come by. So I highly recommend this Course whether you’re brand new, whether you’re thinking about starting, or whether your kids have booked things like Netflix & other Feature Films, like myself, you will still learn something amazing from this course. Great job Kelly & Erin! This was awesome!"

Timie Yancey
Stage Mom to Hendrix Yancey

"I loved hearing from the Industry Pros. I also enjoyed hearing from the Child Actors & their Parents. This will be my go-to resource when people ask me what steps they should take to get their children into the TV & Film Industry. It’s also a wealth of information for Parents like me who have already taken the first couple of steps, but are still trying to figure things out. We’re still in the early stages & really gives us good direction & hear things to do & not to do. One of my favorite Modules was the “How to Be” Module where it talked about things that you should and should not do when you’re taking your child for Interviews & Auditions. Thank you ladies so much for this information, thank you for sharing your experience. This is something that's going to help a lot of people."

Julie Wescott
Stage Mom

"I highly recommend it! It’s full of information I wish we’d known when we got started in this business. Not only is it going to help the Parent understand the Pros & Cons of having a Child Actor, but it’s going to give you instructions on how to get started, what to do/what not to do… Even as a veteran parent I learned a few things I wasn’t aware of. It’s great to have everything as a resource in 1 place. There’s a lot of information out there, but you can’t always trust everything you read. This program is going to give you all the information that you need to get started in this business. I know you will enjoy it! "

Jen Crumley

"What I loved about going through this course, is this is something I can point people to, to beat the learning curve, to not have to waste time or money or be fed a lot of misinformation that’s out there on the internet & to have a place where they can get advice from Parents who have already gone through the things that they’re going through... Casting Directors, Agents, Managers, people in PR...I’m so excited now to point people in the direction of this. My favorite part was to see all of the real world examples & life stories that were woven into each Module. I loved hearing different aspects of it from different points of view & I'm just really impressed! Great job you guys! "

Victoria Masters
Stage Mom

"Where was this course when we dove head first into this industry about 18 months ago? My son was 9 at the time and “child actor” was something I had never really considered...and then, not only did I have that, I was a stage parent! I knew NOTHING! I scoured every resource I could find, reached out to everyone and anyone I knew (or didn’t know) that may be able to answer questions. I leached on to some wonderful, helpful woman and asked them question after question and we gaining our bearings as we found our way. If I had this course on day one I would have been well informed in a day....as all of the information that took me hundreds of hours to compile on my own was given in an organized, efficient and entertaining manner! Best of all, all of the information is ACCURATE! I really enjoyed the interviews with the respected professionals that have held positions in the industry for years. What an amazing gift for a new stage parent or a parent that is trying to determine if the entertainment industry is a good fit before taking the plunge. I am ready for Part 2!"

Kate Bergman
Stage Mom

More About Kelly Collins Lintz...

Kelly Collins Lintz has worked as a professional actor for over 30 years beginning in the regional theatre circuit.  After transitioning to film and television she appeared on shows such as Army Wives, One Tree Hill, Surface, The Alienist, and Drop Dead Diva.  Film work includes Gifted, Miracles From Heaven, The Accountant, We’re the Millers, The Mist and a starring turn along Kermit the Frog in Kermit’s Swamp Years.   She recently achieved the life goal of appearing in a Hallmark Christmas movie (Christmas Everlasting) which, in her parent’s mind, finally justified the tuition they paid for her college degree in Acting Performance from Penn State.
In her spare time, Kelly follows her own four professional child actors around the world as they’ve worked on projects like The Walking Dead, The Alienist, Under the Dome, Bosch, Hunger Games, and Love Simon, to name just a few.
To learn more about all of Team Lintz, and how Kelly has helped her children basically eclipse her own career, head to http://www.lifeinthehoneywagon.com!


More About Erin Elizabeth Burns...

Erin is the former head of the Meisner Training Program at Drama Inc Studios in ATL & the founder of the crazy online course for adults called The Best Acting Workshop Ever. Her life's mission is to help change Actor's & Parent's lives by taking the overwhelm out of what we do & make it fun again...and when it's fun again, we start booking again ;-)

You can catch Erin opposite John Cusack & Samuel L. Jackson in Stephen King’s CellFunny or Die’s Officer Wanker: Worst Responder,  The Divergent Series: AllegiantIFC’s Stan Against Evil, along with Netflix's Ozark, AMC's Lodge 49 & the coal mine disaster film, Mine 9.


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