Traditional Meisner Technique Training Online


Why Meisner?

While there are a number of techniques an Actor can study, Sanford Meisner was most interested in teaching actors to stop acting, and instead learn to live truthfully through the imaginary circumstance.  

Meisner's exercises are designed to get the Actor out of their heads & into their humanity. Actors learn to bring their truest selves to their work and therefore the character.

Some notable names that were disciples of the Meisner technique are: Sam Rockwell, Robert Duvall, Grace Kelly, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jon Voight, Diane Keaton, Jeff Goldblum, Naomi Watts, and many more.


Who is this for?

The actor 18+ who has Stage/Film experience & has studied acting Professionally, but is looking to take their skills to the next level.

Who's Teaching?

Erin Elizabeth Burns attended the Maggie Flanigan Meisner Conservatory in NYC.  She become obsessed with the techinque & knew she was destined to pass this on to Actors in smaller markets who did not have access to a Traditional Meisner Program.

A 4th generation Meisner instructor, her students are now flourishing in their careers having gained the same confidence in their skills as she had following her own training in Meisner.