Stop Putting Acting Classes on a Credit Card

I'm pretty convinced that Actors don't understand Money.

Ok, that sounds harsh. It's not that most Actors don't understand Money, it's more that we've been filled with hopes & dreams of landing that National Commercial or Series Regular role that will secure our financial futures, but I'm here to tell you...

I'm not the Progessive girl ;-(  As much as I want to be.

Ok what's your point, Erin? 

The thing is, I'm seeing Actors put their classes on credit cards a lot lately.  This hurts my heart to its core because a career that has a 2.5% return on investment is NOT a career worth going into debt over.                      

Wow, thanks for the ultra-depressing post, Erin!  

Okay, okay...hang with me.

Here's where my heart is with this...

I want you to Succeed in Acting. I want you to be part of that 2.5% that doesn't need a side hussle.

But for today, if you're not, I want to strongly urge you to just pick up 1 more shift at the restaurant, drive 5 more Uber hours this week, get 1 more client in your Freelancing biz...


My friend, that is exactly how I paid for a 2-year Meisner program in NYC.

I worked 13-hour shifts at the restaurant, nannied for a family part-time, & taught Finance classes for Actors. (Yes, that's 1 other skill I have...I'm a certified financial counselor).

The point is, if I can stay out of debt & allow my Acting jobs to be financial "icing on the cake," instead of "OMG, please cast me, I can't pay my rent tomorrow," then so can you.

And the truth is...

Casting Directors can smell desperation a mile away. Your Energy is different when you walk into the Casting office with confidence & peace, not desperation.  

I want you to have FUN pursuing this career, not go into debt for it.

If this resonates with you today, I'm teaching a class on this topic Thursday, Aug 22nd. 

But for now, come join us over in the FB Community Group. You can catch up on "the rant" (if you're into that stuff) & build relationships with Actors who are like-minded.

I hope this is a blessing to you!

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