Let's get physical in auditions!

We get auditions that ask us to drive, fight, fall down, kiss, & so many more physical challenges.  

I often see actors get confused & half commit to it because they're scared of looking silly or just simply don't know how to approach these things simply & clearly.

The short answer is: 

Commit 100%

If you get punched in the face, how would you react/feel in your body in real life? You can't moan or half grunt to "pretend" it's happening, that's when we feel silly & inauthentic. You have to commit fully to the physical reaction.

Watch a fight scene & see how truthfully the actors put their whole body into it.

Now a way to simplify our physical work in auditions is to:

Adjust the physicality by 50%

So if you're supposed to fall to the ground (you'll fall out of frame if you do that) then just fall halfway back against the wall or backdrop. 

We'll dive deep into all of this at the Self-Tape Workshop: Physicality on Saturday, April 15th on Zoom. No prep, just show up & we'll have an afternoon of fun with audition physicality! 

Ever studied Voice Over? Talk about physical! Motion capture, Video Games, Animation.. all without any hair & makeup, camera focus, or lighting! 

Our fab Voice Over teacher is teaching 1 more Intro to Voice Over Bootcamp before summer break. Kris Carr walks you through her full Intro to VO Course in 5 hours on Saturday, April 22nd on Zoom.

Save the commute. Learn from home.

Much love,


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Join our Newsletter & get a Free Self-Tape Training!