If You don’t show up, another Actor will 

One of the most amazing projects I’ve ever been a part of is coming out in theaters this month....it’s called Mine 9. It’s the combination of 3 coal mining disasters that have happened in the United States  

Embarrassingly enough, I almost didn’t even go to the audition. My agent & I had decided to focus on bigger projects & it was a SAG low budget film. 

The only reason I went to the audition was to get in the room & work with the Casting Director & the Director. With Self-Tapes taking over the industry, we rarely get this opportunity anymore.

Boy am I glad I went! The stars aligned & I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing Director, Producers, Casting Director & some of the most kick-ass Actors I’ve ever worked with.

And the icing on the cake?? This was a story that really mattered. We got to bring to light real people & their real life experiences.

The Director took some of the cast members to Appalachia, 3/4 of a mile into an actual coal mine. It was scary, eye-opening, and it was the first time in my film career that I felt like a real Actor, doing real research, on a real role, to tell a real story.

So what began as just a chance to work out in an Audition room, ended up being the most fulfilling experience I’ve ever had. 

Actors, Please don’t be like me & judge a project based on how much it pays. 

You have no clue what doors will open by just getting in your car & showing up.

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