How do we Stand Out in a sea of Self-Tapes?


We all know Self-Taping has taken over our industry in the past few years. So how do we actually stand out from the 100s of actors submitting for the same role?

I'm teaching a Free Self-Tape Class where I'll share 5 ways that I use to help my students tapes stand out and book. Today, I'll share 1 of those ways with you: Physicality.

I see actors nearly every day with scripts where there is some type of a physicality that they need to adopt in order to truthfully pull off the scene, but their fears take over with what is too much. "I don't want to be over the top," they'll say.

To that I say, please stop listening to your teacher. Many actors are getting coached in ways that make them feel limited in their ability to thruthfully live out the scene, and that is precisely what Casting wants to see.

  • Step 1: Try on the full physicality of the scene. Are you a victim being hit or shot in the scene and you fall to the ground in pain? Play it full out.
  • Step 2: Record it. Do a test run & see for yourself if it works. (Don't wait until your reader is there to start rehearsing). Ask yourself truthrfully, objectively, "Does that look & feel truthful? Is that what the director will ask of me when I get to set?" If the answer is no, try it again & commit to it 100%. 
  • Step 3: Record it, again. This time be sure you're modifying the physicality to stay open to camera and to stay in frame. At this point, you should have something that feels truthful in your body. 

The most important aspect to working physical moments is that we must feel our way into it, not think our way into it. As my Self-Tape students know, your body is smarter than your brain when it comes to acting.

I'll share the other 4 ways to stand out at our Free Self-Tape Class in January. Grab your seat, I'd love to meet you on Zoom & see how I can help you finally become the working actor that you want to be in 2023.

And if Self-Taping ain't your thang, head on over to my Improv teacher Stacia Teele's Free Improv Preview on the 22nd. It'll be loads of fun with no thinking, just playing!

We'll see you in class. 

Much love,


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