A portion of all classes goes to Unicef Ukraine

Accents Extraordinaire

Starts: Monday, August 29th

Times: 7 - 9 pm/EST

Duration: 4 weeks

Cost: $175


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An 4-week course to equip Actors with the fundamentals of learning dialects for Film & TV. 

Actors will learn the basics of placement, vowel manipulation, regional & colloquial differences &  how to begin mastering a dialect for performance.

We’ll highlight a few prominent requested dialects & how to feel comfortable enough to add these dialects to a resume.

Actors will also walk away with the tools needed to continue dialect training at home + characterization, regionalisms & of course, acting!

Questions? Reach out to Jillian here

Improv Class

Starts: Thursday, September 22nd

Times: 6 - 8 pm/EST

Duration: 6 weeks

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Are you an actor who is afraid to improvise? Have you shied away from improv because you don’t feel funny?

Now more than ever, it is important for actors across all genres to be comfortable with improvisation. Improv gives you confidence, teaching you how to take risks and trust yourself! Casting directors often cite improv as the most important skill they look for these days. For an actor, improv it’s not always about being is about the ability to be spontaneous, to make quick choices, to take direction, to listen, and to be a supportive partner in a scene. An added bonus, improv also helps with the non-acting part of an audition - helping you feel comfortable being your authentic self!

Improv for Actors is a safe space to try out your improv muscles. Jump in and improvise in a fun and non-judgmental environment! It's a blast!!

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Intro to Voice Over *Sold out

Starts: Tuesday, August 9th

Times:  7 - 9 pm/EST 

Duration: 4 weeks

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This 4-week crash course will give you the skinny on the voice over world.

We’ll cover commercials, PSAs, video games and animation, and your coach Kris Carr will help you understand casting sites, demos, and the tools of the trade, all without breaking the bank. 

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Advanced VO 

Starts: Tuesday, Sept 6th

Times:  7 - 9 pm/EST

Duration: 8 Weeks

Cost: $175/month

Register: Intro to VO is a Prerequisite or prior Approval from Instructor


Class Skinny  >>

In this 8-week intensive, we're taking your VO career to the next level!

Using the foundation we built in Intro to VO, advanced VO will continue to cover commercials, video games, & animation + you'll get to record the sides given to you in class, & get feedback on audio quality, mic technique, & acting choices.

We'll dive into the biz side of VO -- how to make a Voice Over profile, how to be your own boss while you don't have a VO agent, & much, much more!

Questions? Email Kris here

Commercial Class *Sold out

Starts: Monday, August 15th

Times:  7 - 9 pm/EST

Duration: 4 weeks

Cost: $175

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Learn how Bill booked 53 National Commercials!

It is a shotgun blast of information, literally 101 things you need to know before your next audition. Students will learn the philosophy of service & how it defeats fear in the audition room, both ours & theirs. You will learn a revolutionary exercise to re-conceptualize your slate & actor thinking, helping you to book a spot in the first two seconds of the audition.

The class will also teach a proven copy-breakdown technique, a direct pitch technique so you can book that national campaign + the one thing you need to do in the callback to book the job. It is designed for the actor who knows nothing about commercial acting & the actor who believes they know everything about commercial acting.

Over & over again, students book DAYS after taking the class. All of the copy is current + all of the work is Zoom on-camera.

Questions? Email Bill here


Film/TV Class 

Starts: Thursday, September 8th

Times:  12 - 2 pm/EST

Duration: 4 weeks *skipping 9/29

Cost: $175



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Taught by TV/Film veteran Bill Coelius, his class is the product of his experience acting on over 20 TV shows + Films, & auditioning on a weekly basis in today’s market. From slate to set, Bill shares a carefully crafted game plan that will help you book and shoot that show. From a reminder as basic as remembering to bring black socks to the shoot, to psychological exercises
designed to help you recognize how your habitual patterns of fear-based thinking may prevent you from booking, Bill presents a myriad of skills, strategies and trade secrets that will turn your beliefs about yourself and the industry inside-out. 

The class covers everything from the 5 basic questions you need to ask of every script, how to best film your self tape + why improvisation is a must in every scene.

Every week students are assigned audition material & given a deadline for their self-tape like a real audition notice. Self-tapes are then reviewed in class & the student is given the audition to “re-do” their audition live.

Yoga for Actors:

Let's transform our actor lives by transforming our inner lives

Starts: Friday, Sept 23rd

Times:  12 - 1:30 pm/EST

Duration: 8 weeks

Cost: $72/month

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We'll use Yoga as a vehicle for greater understanding & awareness of humanity. Through specific practices (asana + pranayama), we'll explore grounding, centering, balance, play, inquiry, integration, presence (paying attention) that will lead us to freedom in both our acting + personal lives.

Following the Yoga practice, we open up for discussion to integrate the focus & grounding in our creative & performance practice. Jonni gives you prompts that you can journal and explore with to take these practices into your audition life.

$1 Self-Tape Masterclass

*$ goes to Unicef Ukraine

Date: September 14th

Time: 11 am/EST & 6 pm/EST

Cost: $1

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Learn the 5 Steps to Self-Taping Auditions that stand out & Book!


Meisner Weekend Intensive

Dates: Sat/Sun Oct 15-16th

Time: 12 pm - 7 pm/EST

Cost: $195

Email for Waitlist

Let's take a deep dive into the Meisner technique for a weekend of "Living Truthfully under Imaginary Circumstances." We'll tackle the first months of our 9-month intensive in 2 days!

Meisner 9-Month Intensive

2022 Session Sold Out -- Next session begins February 2023

Traditional Meisner Program culminating in an Industry Showcase

*Audition/Invite Only

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