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Few artists are ever really taught how to manage their money and build wealth. After I graduated college with student loans and credit card debt, I was introduced to an amazing financial counselor named Dave Ramsey.

Through Dave's Certified Financial Counseling program, I gained the tools and knowledge to help actors devise a working budget, pay off their debt, and change their financial future so they have the freedom to pursue their careers. And the best part...I paid off $15k in 11 months!  FREEDOM!

~Erin Elizabeth Burns

Class Breakdown

2 Weeks Packed Full of EVERYTHING you need to know about Money!

Lesson #1

Budgeting is not the B-word

Lesson #2

Paying off Debt is Easier than you Think & How to Save like a Boss

Lesson #3

Investing doesn't have to be Complicated

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"Erin's class was the push I needed to focus on my financial goals right now. She shows you concrete ways to change your habits and the way you think about money. You are provided with tools & materials to help keep your budget & savings on track month to month. She's personable, responsive to your questions & concerns, and practices what she preaches. It was liberating to see a path to become debt free, have an emergency savings fund, and feel in control of my financial future whether the national commercial or broadway gig comes through or not. I think this type of financial training is a must for artists"

Carmen Gill

"Through my counseling session with Erin Burns, I learned that finances are not as scary as I originally thought. She conveyed to me things I never was aware of about my financial situation. She brought to my attention that I am on an irregular income, and was able to convey in more ways than one how to budget myself accordingly. Erin hears you out and does an excellent job of noticing immediately what your struggle may be"

Danielle DiCamillo

"Actors & Money changed my life. Every month I would think to myself, "Where could all that money have gone?" Erin helped me set up a monthly budget, and apply the basic principles of personal finance into my ever-hectic existence. Working with a personalized budget, and with weekly meetings, I was able to achieve many of my financial goals including starting an emergency fund and keeping up with student loan payments. Erin personalized her counseling to suit my needs. She included things in my budget such as headshots and mailings, so I could plan ahead to afford these often expensive ventures. I highly recommend Actors & Money! Erin will set you up for success, and help you achieve a financial freedom you never dreamed possible."

Holly Kay Roberts

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