Free Self-Tape Masterclass

Wednesday, Jan 18 + Thursday, Jan 19

Self-Taping is the Actor's entry to set & stage

We all know that Self-Taping has taken over our world. And now that Casting is seeing 100s, even 1000s of actors per role, how do we even guarantee our tape will be seen?

You must learn to stand out, period. In this free class, Erin will show you 5 specific, tangible ways to curate your audition so that you know for certain your hard work does not go to waste.

What are Actors saying?

"I have taken so many different kinds of classes, webinars, workshops, etc.,  and have to say that what you provide is the most honest and useful of all.  It's rare that we actors run across that unique and insightful teacher--you are a gift and it's so refreshing to know, really know, we're in capable, honest and caring hands."

Kathleen Alicia Kelly

Who's Teachin' this? 

Hi friend! I'm Erin Elizabeth Burns, founder of E.E.B. Studios. I'm an Actress/Acting coach who's obsessed with helping Actors find their happiness again. By learning to Not Give a F#?K about their Careers & mastering the Self-Tape Audition they do their best work, they start booking, but most importantly, they start living again.

If you wanna catch me on screen, you'll find me opposite John Cusack & Samuel L. Jackson in Stephen King’s Cell, Funny or Die’s Officer Wanker: Worst Responder, The Divergent Series: Allegiant, IFC’s Stan Against Evil, along with Netflix's Ozark, AMC's Lodge 49 & the coal mine disaster film, Mine 9

What will I learn?

Truthful Physicality

Most actors don't fully commit to the physicality & aren't really showing Casting what they're capable of.

2nd Take on Location

Casting is booking actors from their creative ways of taping on Location. 

Nailing the Relationship

This 1 choice can change your entire audition into submitting a realistic scene that stands out.

Opening & Closing Moments

Learn to stop Auditioning & instead turn in a scene like what is shot when you get to set.