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Be Your Brand!

Don’t let phrases like “type,” “on brand” or “market yourself” stress you out any longer!


  • Saturday, Feb 13th 1 pm/EST, 10 am/PST
  • $45
  • 2 Hours


In this 2-hour Branding Workshop led by actor and marketing gal, Rachel Reiff, you’ll learn:

 -The secret of marketing from a business perspective, and how it can be directly applied to your acting career.

-Rachel’s 5 step process for determining your type, subtypes, and overall brand

-How to create the perfect Brand Log-Line to pitch yourself to agents and casting directors 

-How to apply your brand across all mediums—from posting on social media to getting the perfect headshots and reel clips

Questions? Reach out to Rachel at [email protected] 

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"I am grateful for the classes I have been taking through E.E.B. Studios. They have been among the highlights of my acting year! "

David Westbay

"Thank you for all of the wonderful content and classes & classes & feedback you have provided. I'm thrilled to be a part of your community. I am so happy I found E.E.B. Studios."

Reyna Clare

"Rachel Reiff is the real deal! With her brilliant and modern branding system, she deftly gets to the core of who you are quickly and concisely - and it’s really fun. I was amazed at and LOVE what we came up with and now have a real boost of confidence going forward with my message and my presence. Rachel’s technique is magic, really, and in the end, you are left with a great gift- yourself, which you are ready and excited to share with the world. Thanks Rachel - you are the best!” "

D. Jensen

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