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We believe you are a Human who loves Acting & that is what brings us together.  You will be challenged, you will learn, all in a Community of respect, encouragement, & upliftedness.

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$1 Masterclass: 5 Steps to Self-Taping Auditions that Stand Out & Book with Erin Elizabeth Burns!


 $ goes to Unicef Ukraine


This $1 Masterclass will Cover:


1) Understanding the power of words & how they affect your Self-Tapes


2) How to stand out from other actors' tapes


3) How to see scripts differently from other actors & a ton more!!


Wednesday, September 28th

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"I finished Jillian's class today. I ADORED her class and her as a teacher!! She was so inspiring every class and taught us so much!! I feel rejuvenated and so thankful for Rachel Reiff's recommendation!! Jillian was so patient and nice too! It was a real treat and honor to be a student in her class!!"

Alfred Ramirez

"Kris' VO class is some of the most fun I've had in acting class. Ever. She's hilarious, she knows her stuff and she knows how to teach it. Kris absolutely leveled up my game to put me on track to have success in the VO world. Drop whatever you're doing and run to sign up to take her class. You won't regret it. "

Evan Carver

"Erin, wanted to thank you for all I learned in your classes! I'm pinned for a Feature off of my self-tape. Gracias!!! Will let you know when I book it :)"

Roslyn Cohn

"Jonni's teaching in Yoga for Actors has helped me take a step back and truly ground myself on what it means to be human. I enjoyed hearing Jonni's explanations for each chakra, and the way it affects our vessels in and out of auditions. She challenged the mind by asking questions that were thought provoking and heart warming. This class held wonderful knowledge for my #Actorlife tool belt! Thank you Jonni!"

Rachel Novak

"Jillian helped me get over my concern about delving into accents. She walks her students through the basics of understanding the fundamentals of dialects as well as exposing us to popular American accents. She creates an inviting learning environment where students feel free to make mistakes and have fun as we learn. I feel confident in using my accents now and highly recommend her class!"

Karen Michelle

"I am grateful for the classes I have been taking through E.E.B. Studios. They have been among the highlights of my acting year! "

David Westbay

"Thank you for all of the wonderful content, classes, & feedback you have provided. I'm thrilled to be a part of your community. I am so happy I found E.E.B. Studios."

Reyna Clare

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